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The goal of this course is to create an environmental education “trading zone”—an online space where scholars and students gather to learn about multiple disciplines that shed light on how to improve environmental quality and change environmental behaviors. Each of the lectures, readings, discussions, and case studies will focus on the implications of a particular discipline for environmental education, as well as what environmental education has to contribute to related disciplines and sectors. Learn about how environmental education, environmental governance, environmental psychology, environmental sociology and other disciplines can work together to address ‘wicked problems,’ not readily addressed by working in disciplinary silos. 

Cornell University will grant two types of certificates (Achievement and Expert) depending on work completed at no cost to students.

Achievement Certificate: Approximately 5 weeks of work, must be completed by April 24, 2016

Expert Certificate: Approximately 7 weeks of work to be completed by April 24, 2016, PLUS case study to be completed by June 1, 2016.

University Credits
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will offer undergraduate/graduate credits for a fee.

Cost: $290 for undergraduate credit, $458 for graduate credit (estimated, subject to slight change). See the instructions below for details.

Please make sure you have registered for the course before submitting forms for credits. 

The link to the Exit Survey is in the weekly email. If you have completed the course work, please fill it out.

You must complete the survey to earn a certificate.

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Course Leader
Marianne Krasny                 Cornell University

Course Co-leaders

Justin Dillon                          University of Bristol
Arjen Wals                            Wageningen University & University of Gothenburg
Kendra Liddicoat                 University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Anne Ferguson                    Cornell University

Community Group Leaders Coordinator
Bryce Dubois

Course Assistants
​Brian Hutchison                   Cornell University
Yue Li                                     Cornell University
Kimberly Snyder                  Cornell University

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Environmental Education: Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Addressing Wicked Problems

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